The problem
1e products are intelligent, complex, data driven tools. Allowing companies to monitor and automate software lifecycle within their enterprise. 
Due to the products age, and lack of UX specialists input, the tool lacked modern UX standards as well as a human approach; so important when building digital products nowadays.
Although, mostly targeted for IT professionals, the tools needed to be more user friendly. 
Visually, there is a lack of uniformity between products, as a unified design system has never been introduced to bring the individual products into a single suite.
The approach
Research and Analysis
Because it’s a niche product designed for a relatively narrow spectrum of users, my first task was to understand the product, get under its hood and then perform a set of user interviews and case studies to pin point the biggest glitches. My next step was to perform user analysis alongside with competitive analysis. Google analytics data gathered across the products gave me a lot of answers in terms of user journeys and their stress points, use cases and edge cases. 
After broad research and analysis, I created a documentation pin pointing the existing issues as well as proposal of system-wide improvements based on gathered data and market’s best practices.
The solution
Getting to know the user
Setting up personas, and creating user control groups 
Performing user interviews and unmoderated usability tests.
Streamlining the experience
Planning out Information Architecture and global navigational system
Revisiting and improving user journeys

Creating a coherent and future-proof experience
Modular approach – Will allow to create a coherent and future-proof system to be handed over, used and expanded going forward. It will also ensure a consistency across the products.
Development – Assisting development team in creating react components for Single Application Platform
Interaction Design – Creation of user flow maps and interactive prototypes
Design System- Creation of unified modular Design System. Designed according to the WSAG 2.0 AAA Standards

Performing A/B tests, as well as setting up correct analytics should help understand if my assumptions where correct, and amend accordingly.

Additional Visuals:
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