Benevolent AI is a Global Biotech Company, I had a pleasure joining the product design team, to help with development of internal digital products. Helping with data-driven triage process and technology-enabled target identification.
Process specification:
•  User interviews
•  Focus groups
•  Card sorting
•  Stakeholder consultation
•  Requirement refinement
•  Competitive analysis
•  Brainstorming sessions with:
    •  bioinformaticians
    •  software engineers
    •  data analysts
    •  key stakeholders

•  User journey mapping
•  User interface design refinements
•  Design language formation
•  Use cases formulation
•  User Scenarios formulation
•  Creation of job stories
•  Creation of user stories
•  Rapid prototyping
Testing and analysis
•  Moderated usability studies
•  Unmoderated usability studies
•  User Interviews
•  Qualitative data analysis
•  Quantitative data analysis
•  Design specification
•  Design language refinement
•  Quality assessment
•  Reiteration

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