homepage user interaction research
Data Gathering
The below has been based on 2,000 visits and 1371 clicks

Heatmaps and Clickmaps
Heatmaps and Clickmaps reveal high activity within the top bar tool. The most active area is the Login form (36%) and Login button (26%) – showing that a website works very well as a retention tool. Cross-product links (Casino and Sports) are performing of relatively high interest as well (3% for Casino and 6% for Sports). The main navigation elements although, scanned by users, do not generate clicks (overall main navigation area generates circa 16% clicks – the highest being ‘promotions’ with 2.84%). Join now button, even though it’s not very visually substantial on a page generates 3% clicks.

Areas below the main navigation:
Large promotional area with main CTA button does not seem to be generating any substantial clicks. The ‘Free Download’ button has been clicked by less than 1% (0.36) of users (!). Whilst ‘learn more’ button hasn’t been clicked once. Secondary promotional area generated roughly 2-3% clicks. Each promotion respectively had not exceeded 1% of clicks.

Areas below the average fold are barely generating 1% clicks.

Pre-footer, footer and post footer are performing well, given their position on the page, generating clicks within social media and getting started links (around 4% overall).
User Interaction Recordings – Analysing users’ tasks
User recordings reveal similar interactions as the Heat and Clickmaps, they do however give us more insights on the users flows and stress points:

Users tend to jump into login section straight away or scan the homepage without any further interaction.
Logged-in users tend to bounce-off the website, or jump to promotions sections, and bouncing after a scan through. Rarely any further Interactions are being recorded.
If download link has been used, when landing on Download page, no further interactions are being recorded.
Other main interactions with the website are:
Customer support – users trying to find ways to contact the CS;
Cashback – user show interest in the mechanics of that promotion. The interface seems to be performing well. However, no further interactions are being recorded after visiting that section.

User Behaviour Flow
Analytics show no more than 3 levels of interactions within behavioural flows. The bounce rate on the homepage is at a very high level of 77%. Second and third levels of interactions show respectively around 30% and 40%.
Users’ 1st and 2nd interactions are mainly connected to a login/deposit functions (Crossover from Heatmaps, Clickmaps and interaction recordings).

User Journeys
Current user journeys do not seem to have a specific end-to-end flow. Whilst the journey is being started, user is not being led through a task-in-mind.
High 1st level bounce-off rates indicate that their journey does not have specific beginnings due to lack of engagement on content level. Website fails to keep the user’s focused on a specific task (apart from retention login function) users seem to lose interest whilst not being presented with crafted customised, streamlined content. The interface fails to provide functionality for journey endings, therefore not being able to boost conversion rates.

Stress Points
Lack of clear and honest messages on the homepage leads to high 1st level bounce-off rates for newcomers.
Logged in users seem to leave the website after finding out that no custom content has been provided after they logged in (the main areas of the website do not change at all after log in). Users also tend to go to promotions section after logging in, only to find out content there did not change either leading to high bounce-off rates.
Download page as much as it’s understandable that users will switch to client, the download page does not provide clear enough messages about the next beneficial steps for the users after downloading the software.
Deposit is not beneficial for the user even if Welcome Bonus is given, simply because its user-interaction monetary dependent.

Main navigation performance
Main navigation, although being scanned by users, does not seem to provide information they are looking for, due to lack of consistent architecture.

Homepage promotional area performance
Due to lack of streamlined messaging, main CTA button on the homepage is not generating clicks. Main promotional area also seems to fail on technical level due to a carousel moving too fast.
UX best practices are against usage of carousels. Study shows that only 4% of users interact with the second item on the carousel.
Secondary promotional area does not generate significant amount of clicks due to duplication of the main promotional area. Those areas also do not seem to be clickable according to user interaction and user interface fundamental rules.

Elements below the average fold
Areas below the average fold (circa 815px) are not being of high interest simply dues to lack of the content keeping users engaged with the website. Cross-product navigation is performing well. The footer is performing well.

Specifying User’s tasks
After extensive research and analysis, we can conclude 2 main user tasks and their subtasks:
1. Acquisition:
a. Users Downloading the Client;
b. Users Joining and its community;
2. Retention:
a. Existing users looking to perform cashier-based actions;
b. Existing users looking for customised promotional content;
c. Existing users looking for loyalty perks;
d. Existing users looking for tournaments and poker series;
e. Existing users looking to learn how to play poker;
f. Existing users looking for Customer Support;

Customising Content
Main homepage banner for newcomers should present and explain the benefits of joining partypoker (USPs)
Main homepage banner for newcomers should present and explain the benefits of Downloading the Client (USPs)

New users
Users that only joined partypoker should be presented with a variety of perks and promotions, also benefits of making their first deposit, as well as starting their first game of poker.
Depending on the answers during the registration process (optional) they should be presented with poker school section to get them started with a game.
Depending on the answers during the registration process (optional) they should be presented with community-based sections presented the perks of being a part or pp community (Blog, links to social media).

Returning users (specific logged-in members)
Intelligent system should recognise the type of user returning and logging into the system. Therefore, we should be able to provide specialised content to those types of users.

The content should be different depending on:
1. Users’ deposit amounts and frequency;
2. Users’ previous engagement with the site;
3. Users’ visits frequency;
4. Users’ level of poker game skill;
5. Users’ engagement with Customer Support.
Redesign strategy
Development  of Personas
User flow charts: Examples
Visual Design - examples

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